Cisco Spark Experience Program

16-Oct-2017 – 30-Jun-2018


Looking to demo Spark endpoints to your customers?

Wanting a demo & trial solution for your office?

Looking for a no-risk option to remove barriers to purchase?


Comstor's Spark Experience Program is the answer!

Comstor is proud to provide an exclusive 45 day no obligation free trial on Cisco Spark Board 55" or 70" devices and endpoints.

REGISTER NOW to join this exclusive program! Once your registration has been received you'll be contacted by our team to run through your eligibility* for the program and if required we can assist in getting you SAAS enabled! You'll then be invited to place a PO through Comstor for the Spark Board, trial the game changing collaboration options including, video conference globally to smartphones, laptops and desktops and then either keep it or return it.

If you decide to keep it then we'll work with you to ensure you secure the best possible price. If you don't like what you see – simply return it to us!

Joining the program is as easy as 1,2,3...


Thanks to Comstor's Spark Experience Program, there isn't an easier, low risk way to demo and install new Cisco Spark Boards into your own and your customer environments

CLICK HERE for terms, conditions and full program details.

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