Cisco Security Assessment

07-Sep-2016 – 07-Sep-2016


Cisco Security Assessment

Want a Security Assessment using Cisco's Next Generation Firewall ASA with FirePOWER on your customer's network? Let Comstor and Cisco help with identifying all malicious traffic including active and potential threats. We will install an appliance in 'passive' mode on your customer's network that runs for 7-10 days. At the end of the assessment we generate key reports such as: Network Risk / Malware risk / Attack risk. This comprehensive report will demonstrate how you can unlock potential Cisco Security sales.

For more information contact Comstor AU Quote Specialists:

Steve Hickey
Solution Architect Team Leader
Netapp Solution Architect
Office: +61 3 8866 0318
Mobile: +61 455 995 528

Henry Benjamin
Cisco Solutions Architect
Office: +61 2 9432 1048
Mobile: +61 451 778 499


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