Cellar Your Services with Comstor and Cisco

15-Jun-2017 – 28-Jul-2017

Cellar Your Services with Comstor and Cisco

Terms and Conditions

  1. Open to T2 Cisco partners only.
  2. Invoiced orders between 01/06/17 & 28/07/17
  3. Qualifying orders include applicable Services SKU’s invoiced between 01/06/17 and 28/07/17.
  4. Partners must be registered to participate in promotion.
  5. When a partner registers for competition, Services POS will be backdated to the commencement of the promo period and entries calculated on invoiced orders placed within this period.
  6. Winning partner categories:
    • Cisco Premier Partners – 4 places available on trip to be won by the top 4 Cisco Premier partners in this category.
    • Cisco Select partners – 2 places available on trip to be won by the top 2 Cisco Select partners in this category.
    • Cisco Registered partners – 4 places available on trip to be won by the top 2 Cisco Registered partners in this category.
  7. Where there is no clear winner or registered partner for the competition within a partner category, the place will be awarded to another partner in one of the other certification categories at the discretion of Comstor Australia Management.

Like a Fine Wine, Cisco Services just gets better and better

Take advantage of great discounts on Cisco services on UCS B & C Series Servers.

Discounts off Cisco RRP:

C-Series services = Multi-year 68+% and Single-year 63+%

B-Series services = Multi-year 63+% and Single-year 58+%


These discounts run until July 28th so ensure you’re attaching services to new orders and renewing those existing contracts!

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